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Masquerade - Part 3

After everyone picked their partner, Trey and I were left as partners. I didn't know much about him other than he was kind of mysterious and cute. We hide in the kitchen; Trey figured that Jessie would search the bedrooms first, so we had a little time to get to know each other. We tried a little small talk, but that didn't last long. Next thing you know he said, "Well why don't we just fuck!" He looked so sexy with his mask on, I couldn't say no. He whipped out a spatula, bent me over and started spanking my ass; I felt so naughty. I couldn't wait for him to fuck my tight ass. Then we switched positions and I mounted his bubble butt and filled it with my raging hard cock. I made that bitch moan in ecstasy. This was definitely hottest hide-and-go-seek in my life! Watch me (Dick Santorum) and Trey Turner turn up the heat in the kitchen in this week's saga of The Asiancy in Season 4 Episode 8 "The Masquerade - Part 3."
Release Date2013-04-09