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Lover's Pier at Sunset

I'm in love. I left my business in Las Vegas to chase after the love of my life, Robin. This trip has been a crazy roller coaster emotionally. First, I can't believe I got the courage to confess my feelings to him. Next, we had the craziest sex I've ever had in my life. Now, our time together is about to end and this is my last chance to show him how much I love him. He may have escaped the grasps of my arms once but I want to let him know that I will never let him go ever again. I'll show him the meaning of true romance, the only way I know best through intimate bonding. Watch true romance blossom and see where our love will take us in this week's conclusion of The Asiancy Season 5, "Lover's Pier at Sunset."
Release Date2013-10-24