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Axel's Silly Sex-a-thon

Here's something you don't see every day. Asian musclegod Axel Kane is finally paired up with someone who's his match, in a Mini-Me sort of way. Xavier Ryan looks like teen Axel before the bodybuilding, a skinny guy who'd get sand kicked in his face at the beach. He and Axel have a simpatico chemistry that has their first kiss turning into a mutual giggle fit. Once they focus on the fucking business at hand, they go at it with animal intensity.

Taking him in his mouth, Xavier works Axel's cock, swinging his booty around for Axel to play with as he slides his lips over Axel's rod. Tight ass clenched around Axel's stiff tool, Xavier rides him hard before getting pounded doggy style. Top dog Axel pushes lil' Xavier's face into the bed as he drives his cock deeper.

Axel's balls slap against Xavier's crack as he drills in. He drags Xavier to the edge of the bed, dominating that hole as Xavier takes it all like a good boy. Holding Xavier's legs aloft, Axel rams in balls deep. Xavier moans as his hole gets stuffed full of Axel's raw dick, that hot bare cock splitting him open. He's not uttering a word of protest. It feels too GOOD to hold back. Axel pulls out to splatter his sperm across Xavier's tight abs, and "Mini-Me" follows suit seconds after. Hot hookup accomplished, Xavier gets the last satisfied giggle in as Axel reaches for a towel.
Release Date2021-03-09