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College Seductions: The Birthday Gift

Leo Alexander is home shaking up some cocktails to prepare for his new job at the bar, and pours a special elixir for Levy Foxx to celebrate his birthday. But in this hot raw gay Asian porn seduction, Levy's looking for cock, not cocktails, and Leo's quick to step around from behind the bar and drop trou. His raging dick is just the birthday gift Levy's thirsty for, and the hot Asian bottom boy is down on his knees in no time to start with a mouthful.

After Levy sucks Leo's fuck-ready pole, the hairy muscle top buries his face in Levy's smooth tan butt. As Levy stands and braces against the bar, Leo slides his slick pole in and plows him bareback. Running his hands through Leo's hairy chest, Levy gets on top and rides the massive cock. On all fours on the rug, the two fuckhungry studs race toward a cum-spurting climax, Leo pushing his sticky load back in as the best birthday gift ever.
Release Date2019-12-27