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The Reunion Episode 3: Club Fundraising

Texas Holcum tells me he's a hustler, even when we were in college together; fuck, if I knew that, our four years would have been a lot more "fulfilling." Locking lips with this sexy guy was always on my mind. Once time I even got a peek of him in the locker room, no wonder he made so much money. Rubbing my dick and working my nipples, Texas then pulls down his pants so I can get a proper look, with my mouth. Growing down my throat, he is all meat. Bending me over, Texas starts to rim me; his tongue is amazing. With a, "ready," Texas shoves himself in and grabs my hips for leverage. Molding his body to mine, he rides up on me hard and deep; my hole opens up fully. Sitting atop his cock, I look back just in time to catch one of his sexy grins as we lock eyes. That pretty much did it for me; I stand up and with both jerk. Cumming first, I drop my load onto Texas' torso; he follows with a huge blast of his own. Damn, time to get a job that pays better, as I add this boy toy to my "necessities list." Kai is the gorgeous bottom in this hot video.
Release Date2017-05-19