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Black Panda Episode 5: Evans' Last Stand

Agent Evans has been locked in solitary confinement since his capture. Just when he thought all hope was lost, Ken Ott enters. Agent Evans thinks that Ken is there to taunt him but when he discovers Ken is only there for his dick, Agent Evans happily offers up his boner. Ken gets on his knees in front of the muscle hunk and slowly takes the throbbing dick into his mouth and down his throat. Agent Evans is hard as a rock and needs a taste of Ken's dick. Ken slips his big veiny cock into the stud's mouth and closes his eyes as he gets the best head of his life. Agent Evans can no longer take the anticipation and slides his dick deep into Ken's tight little ass. He pounds away, getting as far into Ken's coveted hole as he possibly can. Ken wants it a bit deeper and decides to sit on Bryce's big pole. He rides the curved cock all the way to the finish line until both spent studs blast their creamy loads all over Agent Evans' bulging abs. It's been a long, hard fuck for the two of them, but Ken finally got what he needed with jizz from the dick of the special agent.
Release Date2018-04-27