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Zombie Cum Suckers Ep 3: A Royal Pain In the Ass

Jack is in shock after watching David's spinetingling transformation into a dickstarved zombie, and rushes to his phone to search "How do I turn my zombie boyfriend back to human?" The answer comes up in a flash: if you poison the King of the zombie cell with the cum of pure love, everyone he has turned will revert to their human form. So Jack strides into the ornate throne room to jizz down the throat of the evil Zombie King (Jessie Lee). Jessie is thrilled to see him, since Jack's the last gay stud remaining to be turned. Jack slaps his big cock around the King's face and the race is on. Will Jack turn everyone human again, or will he be the last victim of the ruthless King?

Jessie chows down on Jack's knob like it's the last supper. Heroic stud Jack fucks his pole deep into the King's throat. But while he's there, he might as well ram it into the undead royal's asshole. He pounds and plows the Zombie King's hole and holds back to save a loving load to splatter into Jessie's mouth. Jessie groans with satisfaction and almost forgets what he's there for, grabbing the throne for dear life. He grinds down onto Jack till both are communicating in the universal gay language of "Ahhh fuck!" and "Ohh fuuck!" Jack holds Jessie's big muscle butt and drills deep, ready to pull out and feed his spooge. The King gets all the cock he can handle and a big hot puddle of Jack's load across his chest. He adds his own juicy wad. Jessie scoops up his cum and tries to turn Jack. But David's courageous boyfriend is there first, spurting a last bit of love-spiked sperm down into Jessie's mouth in the name of his beloved. Electricity and vaporous explosions fire off in every direction as The Zombie King flails in tortured agony. His consciousness swirls as heavenly music swells, the cum in his mouth turns to a volley of stars floating off into space. Jessie's reign as the Zombie King dissolves in a colorful shower of sparks that cover him and carry his memory to oblivion. Is he gone for good? Stay tuned for the next chapter of our dicktickling tale of love and woe.
Release Date2020-10-13