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Wild Classroom 2: Test Studying

Alone in the study hall, Don and Fu are "boning up" for another tough exam by Mr. Yowei. Fu can't grasp the lesson, and when dreamy Don starts trying to explain, all horny little Fu can focus on is his hot classmate. Frustrated, Don dozes off for a nap, with instructions to wake him in half an hour. As soon as he's asleep, Fu wanders a curious hand onto the thick, heavy bulge in Don's lap. In a flash Don is stiff, awake and horny, with Fu there to oblige.

Fu's tight little bubble butt presses and grinds back into Don's big thick tool as they stand up at their desk. Don burrows in to get a taste of his classmate's hungry hole, then eases his bare cock in all the way. Fu grinds back into the bigger boy's strokes, dick bobbing up with each thrust. With one foot on the desk, Fu bounces his booty as Don grabs him by the shoulders. Don's balls are filled up and ready to explode, and he speeds up. Fu gets the cum fucked right out of him, sprays his load across a desk chair. Don pulls his big thick cock out just in time to splatter sperm across Fu's hot little butt. Then Don remembers the upcoming test, vows to kick Fu's sexy ass if he fails it for not studying.
Release Date2021-04-20