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Pump You Up

So Peter and I headed to the gym and saw all these hot buff guys working out. I could smell the musk radiating from them, it was intoxicating. On the way to the free weights we noticed Trey Turner doing crunches. I've never noticed how ripped his body looked. He suggested we have public sex in the locker room; the idea was tempting but there were too many people and we could get caught. We started working out and he spotted me on the bench press. As I was pumping iron, I could see his dick growing bigger and bigger. He must have loved seeing me flex my bulging muscles. The sexual tension was building and I grabbed his hard cock through his shorts. I felt naughty doing this in front of everyone. Fuck, I couldn't hold it in anymore; I wanted to stretch his ass out next! We have to go to the locker room now! I just hope we don't get caught. Watch Trey Turner and Diego Vena in this week's episode, "Pump You Up."
Release Date2013-07-08