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Hunter Becomes Prey

After talking with Hunter in front of the library, we decided to go back to my place. Let's just say, Hunter became my prey. We started with making out in my bedroom. Slowly we undressed one another as we passionately kissed each other over and over. I knew Peter was watching and it really turned me on knowing that I had two hot guys paying so much attention to me. Hunter's cock was so tasty; it didn't take me long to get him hard. I, on the other hand, got hard back at the library so I was definitely ready for him to start sucking me off. I bent Hunter over and started tossing his sweet ass. When I finally had him loosened up, I thrust my cock and pounded that ass. After a while I had this bad boy ride my rock hard dick, cowboy style. He squirted his cum all over me. You will love tonight's episode, featuring me, Diego Vena and Hunter Vance in "Hunter becomes Prey."
Release Date2013-06-17