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Masters Of the Iron Cock Ep 4: Never Let Your Guard Down

Two students of the Iron Cock dojo, Hen and Don, spar in preparation for the tournament of the new master. Feet and fists fly in a furious whirl till they tumble to the floor in a moment of rest and conversation. When Hen sasses Don and threatens to win the tourney, Don climbs on to teach him a sexy lesson. Burying his face in Hen's sweaty sparring shorts, he moves up til his cock is pressed into his buddy's. In a flash the two warriors are naked, sucking each others' stiff knobs. Once Don is standing at full staff, Hen twiddles his nips and moves in closer.

Hen has another surprise for his bigger stronger partner when he nuzzles his cock into the smooth warm crack of macho Don. Don eagerly lifts his knees and welcomes Hen's dick into his hungry young hole. Hen pries Don's legs apart further and pumps in balls deep. He lies on his back so Don can do the work, riding his cock like a pony. Then Hen kneels at Don's booty and plows in. Hands on Don's muscular shoulders, Hen stuffs his ass full of warrior dick. He holds Don's face to the floor in a submission hold, pounds his hole. Don grinds his ass into Hen's invading tool and the cum starts shooting down his dick and down his thighs. Hen pulls out to spray his brother warrior with a hot load of fresh manly sperm. Don drinks it down like mother's milk and licks his cummy chin clean.
Release Date2020-08-25