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Sauna Nights 5: The Underwear Party

Des Irez can't help popping a woody as he looks back at a Kuma underwear party where he watched a hot muscleboy dancing in a jockstrap and fucked his tight little ass. Built Asian muscle stud Jessie Lee is the go-go boy that Des climbs into the go-go cage to slam. Des grinds his thick swollen crotch into the bare ass bobbing up in front of him and lock Jessie in a kiss. The horny bottom drops to his knees and lubes up Des with a wet blowjob. "Fuck you taste so GOOD!" Des cries out when he buries his tongue in Jessie's ass. His dick slides in bare and natural to the root.

Jessie moans in perfect rhythm with Des' strokes. He reaches down and jerks his cock as his ass is pumped full of thick raw Latino meat. When Des lies on the floor of the cage Jessie bounces his butthole on Des' stiff pole. It's getting too hot to hold back, and Des splatters his load across Jessie's jock. Well-fucked Jessie cums and cums, squirting a sticky wad over Des as they pull closer to kiss one more time.
Release Date2021-07-13