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Sauna Nights 2: Good Clean Sex

Next up to explain and then play out their hottest bathhouse experience is sexy Asian bottom Jeremy Vuitton. He looks back hornily at the time when an Asian musclestud stepped up next to him in the sauna showers, bent him over and fucked the life out of him. And voila! Jeremy grabs a white bathhouse towel and strolls into the hot steamy shower, only to be joined by muscleboy Jessie Lee, wacking his pecker at the sight of Jeremy's smooth tight ass.

Jessie's dick is hard and pressed up against the glass as Jeremy backs into it. Rubbing your hole against the sight of a hard dick is not QUITE the real deal, so the horny pair step around the glass and rub their lean tight muscles together. Jessie reaches down and strokes both their thickening cocks together. Soaking wet in the warm spray, he drops to his knees and nurses on Jeremy's stiff tool. When Jeremy turns and braces against the wall, he plows a finger into Jeremy's slick wet hole. Pushing his booty back into Jessie's crotch, Jeremy is ready and wide-open when Jessie thrusts in bareback. The sound of hot wet muscle bodies slapping into each other echoes through the shower room. Jeremy props one leg up as Jessie drives in deep. The hot muscleboy squirts his sperm all over Jeremy's dripping booty and slams back in as Jeremy milks out a sticky splash into his tight fist.
Release Date2021-06-22