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Ken Ott's Desert Heat

The Arizona wilderness is brutally hot in summer. Add in Ken Ott's hand on his perfect cock and the results are SCORCHING! Hey is it getting a little warm in here? Posing in black jeans and a pair of sky blue briefs, Ken gets a great chance to show off his lean muscular body for us, then whips out the thick tan prick he's famous for. Bracing against a big boulder, he waves and wags his booty for the camera with a few well-timed smacks of his hand across those round hard butt cheeks.

After caressing the taut muscles of his chest and abs, he swings his cock around for the camera with a sexy smirk plastered across his chiseled face. His hand goes to work smoothly stroking, the other hand pressed into the downy hair of his pubes. His cock is hard as a springboard as we look up from between his muscular legs. Using the spread fingers of his hand he tweaks both his nipple while he jerks.

In profile we see Ken's deliciously large cock in his hand as he milks it towards a hefty cumshot. The muscles of his torso start to ripple and tense up and he grabs his crotch and nuts. With a few final pumps he's ready to fire. An overflow of jizz drips between his fingers and coats his beating fist then shoots out to the red-hot sand below. He reaches a cummy hand toward the camera. Wanna taste, anyone?
Release Date2019-06-21