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Hunting for the Library

Everyone always asks me, "Is your life off the set just as exciting as your life on the set?" Well after telling Peter some of the stories of the guys I hook-up with, he decided to follow me around and document a few days of my life. Little did he know how my days are fuck-filled with hot guys. Just a simple task of going to the library to return a book for a friend turns into an encounter with Hunter Vance. But I don't just say, "Let's fuck." I have my way of getting to know the person first, making him comfortable, and then I lead him home. Take a look at the Season Premier of my new show, Diego's World - Episode 1, "Hunting for the Library." I'll show you some of my pick-up skills and how I get guys to come home with me. Then, in episode 2 next week, you will see me bang the shit out of his bubble butt and show him things he would never find in any book. But stay tuned, because he is just one of many guys to cum.
Release Date2013-06-11