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Catching Up With Levy

Winsome and winning, Filipino-American Levy Foxx came to PeterFever four years ago for our superhero parody THE BLACK PANDA, and impressed everyone with his talent and personality. Somehow we missed out on a proper introduction video, so this one is a catch-up on one of our most popular models. Now Levy's back with a few years and a lot of onscreen sex under his belt, and what a hot little (5'7" and 130 pounds) stud this Asian twink has grown up into. He's known he was gay long before he ever did anything about it. He stayed in the closet till he was 22. His first sexual experience was a definite "splendor in the grass" when he met another gay guy on an app and they snuck off to a grassy spot on a farm to get busy.

Lying on a couch, Levy licks his lips as his hands move to his chest and crotch. He works up OUR libidos with some seXXXy romantic talk and shows off his newly built biceps. When he frees his cock from his tight brown briefs, it's big and hard already. He strips off the undies and sniffs his manly scent. His stroking speeds up and toes curl back in excitement. The more mature fuckboy pulls a long double headed dildo from his bag of tricks and lifts a leg to tease his hungry hairy hole with it. He starts out with the small head and slides it in deep. "Aww, fuck--OHHH, YEAH!" he moans, staring straight through the camera at all of us fans. He fingers and lubes up his ass for the big end of the toy, and groans with satisfaction. Showing his newfound confidence, he bends the toy and pushes the small head in to join the big one, an improvised dildo double penetration. He's getting too hot to hold back, closing his eyes and licking the dildo's head. "Open your mouth and catch my CUM!" he warns as a rocket of hot creamy jizz drenches his chest and lean abs. tasting the cum on his fingers, he blows us a kiss till next time.
Release Date2022-01-18