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Cooking Up Sex

Remember Eric East? If you miss him as much as we do, here he is in one of his very first videos, "Cooking Up Sex."

The doorbell rings and Eric opens it and finds Christopher there, the guy who he found cheating with Jessie. But after talking to him for a couple of minutes he finds out that Christopher is actually a sex therapist that Jessie hired to find out how to get closer to Eric. Eric learns that Jessie has a bunch of intimacy issues which stems from his past relationship with Spencer, which fucked him up in the head. He doesn't want the same thing to happen between him and Eric, so that's why he hired Christopher. That's when Eric decides he wants to help Jessie too. Christopher recommends the best course of action, sex. After all, one of Jessie's problems is he wants a more aggressive Eric to fuck him. And that's what today's therapy lesson is all about, "Cooking Up Sex". This is Season 2, Episode 7 of The Asiancy, starring Eric East and Christopher Daniels.
Release Date2018-02-16