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Wet as it Gets

I thought when you asked me over for the weekend, it was just to hang out. I didn't know you were going to be so naughty. It really gets you off watching me undress, doesn't it? I'm filling the bathtub full of bubbles. Yes, I will slip off my underwear slowly for you. Bend over? Ok, whatever you command of me, I will do. You want more of my ass, here, you like it juicy, huh? Now I'm going to dip my cock inch by inch into the warm bath water; the bubbles feel so nice on my asshole. This is so much fun. I'm getting nice and clean for you. Now I'm sitting on the side of the tub. I'm playing with my cock, making it so hard just thinking about us and what you want to do to me. Yes, I will slap my cock hard, again and again, just like you do to me. Shit that gets me off. Slap it harder. Fuck, let me jerk off for a while. The cum is building up inside of me. I'm about to explode. Fuuccckkkk�
Release Date2011-06-22