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Zombie Cum Suckers Ep 5: A Drippy Ending

The gay zombie nightmare over, Jack and David get what they were looking for all along. Hot sex in a fantasy playground of gay fucking! But who would've guessed the uninhibited action they dreamed of would end up as two loving boyfriends all alone exploring every inch of their hot horned-up bodies together? Jack lies back with a huge stiffy, and David gobbles it down like it's the very first time. "I want this in my ass so BAD," David begs. "Can I have it!?" He crouches down on all fours while Jack laps at his insatiable hole. A big gob of spit juices up his crack and Jack kneels behind with his giant tool ready to ram in bareback.

David's so hungry for his man's cock that he howling and backing into each hard stroke. Jack grabs the waist of his bf's jock and guides his dick deep across David's twitching prostate. Once David's on his back opening his butthole to Jack's relentless plowing, it's getting close to a juicy cumsplosion. Licking and lapping at each others' tongues, Jack gives David the load he's been craving. They cum together and leave David bathing in two sticky splatters. Jack still hesitates when David offers a palmload of cum to lick up, but offers "I'm just glad things are back to normal!" But is this our perfect happy ending? David responds slyly, "I've never felt more NORMAL in my life!" and lets out a long demonic laugh. When Jack's back is turned, David's eyes glow red and flashes of toxic green zombie lightning fly out of him in all directions. Is this the end, or has David been anointed the next merciless Zombie King, ready to start a new reign of cumsucking terror!? Stay tuned till the next edition...
Release Date2020-10-27