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Masquerade - Part 4

After everyone ran off to hide, I decided to spend some extra time with Jessie Colter. He's a sexy guy with an All American Guy Next Door look; perfect for the Asiancy. It was time to put him through my extensive interview process to see if he was up for the challenge. I pulled his cock out from his jeans, he was already hard and I teased him a bit playing with his nipples. I wanted to see more so I turned him over to look at his bubble butt. That's when he said, "I think there's some lube and condoms under the couch over there. You want to get down to it; let's cut the bullshit." But I wanted to take it slow and I prepped his tight hole with my fingers before shoving my cock in. He wanted me to fuck him hard, so I rammed my cock into his ass. His moaning was so fucking hot, it made me pound him even harder. Watch me (Jessie Lee) and Jessie Colter show you anal pounding action in this week's episode of the Asiancy Season 4, Episode 9, "Masquerade - Part 4."
Release Date2013-04-16