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Carnal Knowledge

Jordano was relaxing in the sauna with nothing but a tight speedo on. His scruffy facial, rock hard body and sexy Latin accent made me so hot. I couldn't hold back and surprised him with a passionate kiss. The feeling of his lips pressing against mine was magical. That's when I took him to the bedroom. Jordano asked, "You want to fuck this ass?" It was like he was reading my mind; I couldn't wait to fuck him. Before I could do anything, he went down on me and all I felt was his tongue caress my cock. He made me so fucking hard; I couldn't wait for him to ride me. Hearing him moan, while his ass massaged my dick, put me in a state of ecstasy. His soft, supple butt bounced as I slapped it over and over again. We fed off of each other's sexual energy which energized us even more. Watch Jessie Lee and Jordano's ass fill fuck sensation in this week's episode of The Asiancy, "Carnal Knowledge."
Release Date2013-05-28