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No Hands Allowed

In a stark black room that could be the private lunge of a strip club, sexy dancer Trevor lays down the rules for Axel Kane. Trevor will rub, grind, and do everything possible to work Axel up till he shoots, but for Axel, NO HANDS ALLOWED. The unwritten law of lap dance is to completely surrender to the dancer. Trevor writhes his beautiful bubble butt against Axel's thickening crotch, then works down his sweat pants to have a lick. Soon Axel is naked and in Trevor's control, mesmerized by the seductive dance and juicy blowjob.

Trevor carefully laps at Axel's crotch from nuts to dickhead, trying not to gag as he gobbles it down to the root. Axel moans with pleasure, wants so badly to grab Trevor by the head and push him down further onto his cock. But rules are rules. When Axel's hand even moves up a bit involuntarily, Trevor swats it away with a stern warning.

Singlet pulled down to his thighs and sexy jock framing his hot hole, Trevor grinds against the straining stiffness of Axel's piece. He positions it against his horny pucker and works his way down on it. Axel gasps as Trevor bounces on his cock, drops his clothes till both are fully naked. The horny bottom has his way with Axel, getting his rocks off without Axel having any say in it.

When men are horny rules have a way of flying out the window, though. As Trevor squats against the chair and Axel plows in from behind, Axel is in full "hands on" mode. He grips Trevor hard about the hips as he slams in to that perfect ass. With one hand on Trevor's butt and the other on his neck, Axel lets loose and fucks him HARD. Holding him steady by both hips he rams in as his nuts churn up a hefty load. Pulling out just in time he splatters cum all over the smooth tan ass.

Shocked back to reality, Trevor asks "Wait, did you actually touch me!?" Clever Axel denies, denies and denies. "Not even ONCE!", he reassures the hot and haughty power bottom.
Release Date2019-03-22