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SexPig Game, PeterFever's Gay Squid Game parody, Episode 1

"Spank Me Twice, Shame On Me"
There's a rewarding and dangerous game around town, and the hottest fuckboys are being recruited to join in the fun. Welcome to the SexPig Game--wanna play?! Late for his appointed meeting, we see a sexy Business Guy (Rave Hardick) swoop in on his motorcycle to tempt Dane (Dane Jaxson) into risking it all for hard sex and big money. He beckons Dane into a secluded alley. A rigged game of heads or tails with a hard spanking for every wrong guess leaves Dane's booty hot and rosy, till he asks if there's anything else he can offer.

The business guy lures him inside to a storage locker where they strip down and start grinding their lean hard bodies together. Dane falls to his knees to get a juicy mouthful of huge cock, so big he can barely swallow. The business guy smacks his giant tool around Dane's pretty face and the two 69, with Business Guy burying his face into Dane's perfect ass. Leaning him against a metal railing, he plows raw, deep and hard into Dane's cockstarved butthole. Dane sprawls across the rails with the Business Guy drilling in balls deep. He pulls out to splatter an XXXtra large load, and Dane is close behind. As he leads him outside to get driven to the Game, a mysterious horny Detective (Nolan Knox) lurks close by to spy and follow after.