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Batter Up!

Brit Orson Dean is a sports fan, but a little fuzzy on the American Pastime. He and Jessie Lee sit in front of the big-screen waiting for the game to start, and get distracted with OTHER athletic pursuits. Putting down the baseball bat, Jessie sucks face with Orson, then both strip off their shirts and feel up each others' lean, muscled bodies.

Jessie drops his jeans and yanks down his boxers to show he's sporting an up-and-ready woody that Orson is quick to chow down on. Orson's pale rosy cock is also up for the occasion, and Jessie gives it a quick and juicy suck. He gets Orson down on hands and knees across the couch and dives in to lick that smooth English arse. Orson is receptive, even when he's keeping one eye on the big game. The next inning is time for Jessie to pound his cock into Orson's willing hole. They grab hold of each other as their bro-fuck heats up and Jessie's cock slams in harder and faster.

Orson rolls onto his back, lifts and spread his legs out wide, and Jessie plows straight in. They fuck like there's no tomorrow, but Jessie has a special idea for the 7th inning stretch. Out comes the neon green baseball ball. He presses it up and against Orson's fresh-fucked hole, lets it slide slowly in. Soon Orson is hosting a good seven inches of massive bat inside his hungry ass. The sensation is overwhelming, and Orson has to milk out a big splash of creamy sperm across his fuzzy belly. Jessie kneels above him jerking, sprays a thick splatter of sticky goodness onto his chest. Orson had "no idea baseball could be so EXCITING".
Release Date2019-04-05