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我只想吃一个人! 专为 我只想吃直男 "创建的新标签! [Monitarin G] CASE:20

I just want to eat a man! A new label created just for "I just want to eat a man!" [Monitarin G] CASE20


这一次,我们找到了一位20岁的当今风云人物,174cm,64kg,在学生区有特别帅气的光环。 如果你能引出他的声音,他一开始是怀疑的,但他会当场奖励你。 你将当场得到奖励。

This time, I approached a 20-year-old man of today's style, 174cm, 64kg, who had a particularly handsome aura in the student district. He was suspicious at first when I tried to draw his voice, but I was rewarded on the spot. I was lured into the monitor room by the "I can draw your voice!


当然,今天我们有一个新的自慰器要评论。 她一直很紧张,但当我要求她脱下自慰器接受审查时,她说她的身体非常好。

Of course, we had a new masturbator to review today. She was very nervous from start to finish, but when I asked her to take off her masturbator for the review, she had a very nice body.

しかも透き通るようなツルっツルの美肌!! バキバキに割れた腹筋に発達した胸筋、ムチムチのお尻に硬く締まった太い太腿がエロ!小さい頃からサッカー部で鍛え上げられたとか!!

她的皮肤是光滑的、半透明的。 她有发达的腹部肌肉和胸肌,坚实的臀部和粗壮的大腿。 她从小就在一个足球俱乐部接受训练。

Her skin is clear, smooth, and beautiful. Her cracked abdominal muscles, well-developed pecs, firm buttocks, and thick, tight thighs are erotic. She was trained in a soccer club from a young age.

最近サッカー部率高くね??笑 まぁおかげでバキバキの上半身とパツんパツんの下半身を味わえるのでオケ♪ 適当な事を言いながら何度もボディタッチ!!

现在的足球运动员的比例不是很高吗? 但是没关系,因为我可以品尝到他们紧致的上半身和紧致的下半身!我多次触摸他们的身体,同时说着适当的话语。

Isn't there a high percentage of soccer players these days? But it's OK, because thanks to them, I can taste their tight upper body and tight lower body. I'll say something appropriate and touch their body again and again.

真面目さと性格の良さでひきつりながらもニコニコ触らせてくれるイケメン君^^ そこから先はもう変態スタッフのエロペース!ってかデカっ!太いし重いし!の超エロマラ^^ルックスに不釣り合いなデカマラがぶらんぶらん!!

他是一个英俊的男人,他的严肃和个性让他微笑,让你触摸他。 他是个大人物! 又厚又重! 又厚又重! 不仅仅是他的长相,还有他的大鸡巴!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. He's big! Thick and heavy! I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.


这是她第一次自慰,也是她第一次被男人口交。 她玩弄着他的阴茎,让他的身体抽搐。

This is her first masturbation session and her first blowjob by a man. She can't stand it, but she can't stop screaming and shooting her thick sperm all over her favorite masturbator.

ノンケの雄臭い精子の匂いが部屋に充満 笑 これからも色んな新製品が届くのでまたお願いしちゃおっと!!

房间里充满了直男精子的味道。 今后随着新产品的到来,我们会要求更多的产品!

The room was filled with the smell of straight male sperm. I'll be asking for more in the future as all sorts of new products arrive!



The main model also wears a mask in the film.

IDFC-2541580 / BYB-0057
Release Date2021-12-24
VideoSample Video