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Sexy Rich Gaysians 6: Here Cum the Grooms

The engagement/bachelor party orgy has really picked up steam. Justyn (John Rene) and Darryl (Jessie Lee) are down on their knees sucking Bobo (Axel Kane) and newly engaged David (Alec Cruz). They start double teaming, kissing and then double-sucking both hot Asian studs' big cocks at once. From underneath we see two big golden cocks fucking Darryl's throat. Bobo plows into Darryl from behind while David slams Justyn's tight firm ass.

It's off to the races when Justyn and Darryl bounce on cock, riding David and Bobo like Triple Crown jockeys. Their cock hunger reaches a peak and they turn to kiss each other while they're getting pounded full of dick. New fiancees Justyn and David flip so David can get his ass full of David's stiff woody. Darryl's head is pinned against Justyn while Bobo speeds up and pummels his hole.

Now it's time for the happy couple to seal the deal with a sticky man-churned glue. Justyn squirts his cum all over David's face and hungry mouth, then David leans back and milks out a thick creamy load while he rests in Justyn's arms. They kiss, deciding in their new sexy rich life together, they better get a house with plenty of room for four hot studs.
Release Date2019-02-15