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Ryuji's Happy Ending

Ryuji is a bisexual top from Philippines who has called Japan his home for over 20 years. He confesses to liking a bit of kink. It turns him on when a gay man enjoys a little pain. He's happy with how PeterFever upends some Asian stereotypes and exposes the masculine top side of Asian gay men.

After calling for a one-hour massage in his room, Ryuji jumps the gun and starts fiddling with his cock. He pulls the towel off his crotch and his dark thick tool is hard and ready for action. A masseur appears but we don't see his face. He kneads Ryuji's tight muscular buttock and thighs. The masseur whips off his net hoodie and turns Ryuji onto his back, deftly milking his dick. The muscular Asian stud responds to every squeeze and stroke, pumping his hips up into the masseur's slick hands. Ryuji tenses his thighs and gets ready to fire off a thick creamy load. He reaches up and starts playing with his tight little nips. The masseur speeds up and Ryuji's nuts pull up into firing position.The "beautiful tension" is released when Ryuji's cumwad spurts out and drenches his tan belly. He tosses off a handful of coins to the masseur and scurries away.
Release Date2020-03-31