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Ari Spins on Axel's Raw Axle

To help Axel Kane let down his guard a bit, the director is pairing him up this week with PeterFever veteran Ari Nucci (THE DEUCE). Ari was just starting out when we saw him last, and how he's grown! He begins by stating that he's up for anything, hashtag #nowalls. He's hot, fresh and rarin' to go! Axel still has a lot of things he's not ready to do on camera, and this might be a baby step out of that personal closet. Including his first time have bareback sex!

Ari sprawls across the bed with his head hanging off the edge for Axel to pop his hard dick into. He sucks and slurps like there's no tomorrow and Axel is getting a little hot under the collar.He strips naked and fucks into Ari's hungry mouth. Ari's cock is stiff as wood and he's beating it madly. In a flash he's spun around to offer his hairy butt for the taking. Axel slams in raw and starts pumping fast, grabbing Ari's throat for good measure. Ari wraps his ankles around Axel's tight waist and pulls him in closer. "Harder, HARDER!" he pleads, horned-up Axel is quick to oblige. Standing bent-over against the wall, Ari takes Axel's ramming like a pro, smiling and gasping for air. Axel gives Ari's ear a kiss and a lick, he's getting more relaxed and into it by the second. He holds Ari by an ankle and one hip and drills in deep. He pulls out just in time to splatter Ari's hairy hole, then Ari sprays a hot load across his chest. Did Axel lick it up? You bet he DID!
Release Date2020-09-22