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Black Panda Episode 7: Gotcha!

Officer Duran has escaped from his confinement and is hiding out as he calls for back-up. He has stolen a bottle of Peckeranium but the Panda Brotherhood is onto his antics. Will he make it out alive? Or will The Black Panda have mercy in exchange for something only Sean can give? Sean is ready to find out his fate as he gets on his knees to suck on Alex Chu's thick cock. Once he's had his fill, Alex takes the lead and returns the favor by getting Sean pumped up and ready to fire with a nice long blowjob of his own. The taste of Sean makes Alex raging hard and he bends the muscle stud over to stick it to him. Alex plows away on Sean's hole, keeping a steady pace until he's ready to blast his load. Alex pulls out and aims his throbbing boner at Sean's hungry face and mouth. Once Sean has Alex's jizz in his mouth, he gives himself permission to blow his own load and slathers the floor with cream. Will this amazing union of cocks convince Agent Duran to switch sides and join forces with the Panda Brotherhood? Or will he give President Crump the power of eternal life by stealing the Peckeranium? Find out by watching now!
Release Date2018-05-18