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Axel: Balls Deep in Bearded Blonde

With floppy bleached blond hair and a sultry glance, beachy stud Grey Donovan is a potent little sex bomb. But he's not the type to wait around for some other guy to make the first move. And when he's paired up with Sexy Asian Superman Axel Kane, he's happy to play the aggressive role as a bossy bottom. Right off the bat he kneels down to work Axel's cock with his talented mouth, till it's hard and ready to give him the anal action he craves. He climbs on and rides Axel's stiff cock till it's buried to the root. He bounces his booty on that raw dick like his life depends on it.

Axel wants to take control as he lays Grey back on the bed, holding his legs wide to slide his bareback dick in, fucking him fast and deep. Grey moans as he flips onto his stomach and Axel drills down into his cock-starved butt. Now Grey's attention turns to his own prick, and he strokes in time with Axel's thrusts. His load cums spewing out onto the bed, driving Axel's nuts crazy to unload in that hot asshole. Axel pulls out just in time to spray his sperm into the sweet sweaty crack of Grey's perfect ass. He pushes the load back inside and yanks Grey up to his feet for a manly kiss.
Release Date2021-03-16