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Shooting Hoops

Peter's been looking for a place to jog ever since he got here, so I showed him this park nearby where I know a lot of hot guys like to jog. I was hoping to scope out some studs and we found this hot young guy playing basketball. I decided to give him a couple of pointers and the next thing you know, this punk ass kid decides to challenge me and starts talking smack. So I thought I would show him how it's played. We played a few games, but I was losing badly. When he took off his shirt I was even more distracted! Fuck, those abs and his perfectly smooth body was getting me hard. After a few more games I took his ass home and challenged him to different kind of one-on-one. Watch me and Curtis Culpepper play some b-ball and one-on-one at home in this week's episode "Shooting Hoops."
Release Date2013-07-22