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Masters Of the Iron Cock Ep 1: Get to Know Your Opponent

Two star fighters of the Iron Cock dojo, GunRyu and Fu, stretch and train before they spar in preparation for an upcoming match. GunRyu reveals that their elderly master is planning to retire and there will be a tournament to choose the new master. Fu is hesitant to take on GunRyu but they hit the mat to sharpen their skills. Back in the locker room GunRyu is fired up and turned on, grabbing Fu by the firm round butt and licking his sweaty crack.

Studly Asian muscleman GunRyu lubes Fu's ass with spit and plows his cock in. Bent over the locker bench, Fu groans in arousal as GunRyu holds him by the hips and starts pumping. He stands and grinds his ass into GunRyu's big stiff cock. Every taut muscle on GunRyu's body ripples as he folds his arms above his head and gives Fu the hard fuck he deserves. They move to the exercise bench and Fu lifts his legs high and wide to prepare for GunRyu's anal plowing. GunRyu holds the young stud by the ankles and watches his dick open up the smooth perfect hole. Past the point of no return, he pulls out and splatters Fu's ass with a juicy torrent of cum. He holds Fu tenderly as the handsome young martial artist spurts out a load of hot creamy manjuice. Sperm drips from his fingers as he stops to catch a breath.
Release Date2020-08-04