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Pass Time

Today was my day off, so I hung around the house. I cozied up on the chair and looked at a couple of books, but I just couldn't concentrate. There was this guy had I met at the gym and we kept exchanges glances. Eventually he approached me and said he knew who I was and wanted to hookup. He was pretty hot so I decided to take him up on his offer. We went back to his place and started fooling around when I heard someone unlocking the door. He jumped up and told me to put my clothes back on. Come to find out, it was the guy's wife. She saw us both jumping up fast, but I don't think she knows what we were doing. Anyway, as I was leaving he asked if we could get together again sometime. I told him that I was leaving that night to head back to Chicago. That's when he said, "Can you do a video for me?" So here it is John, my video for you. I called it "Pass Time" to remind you never to Pass up an opportunity like this the next Time it happens.
Release Date2013-06-13