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Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions: Episode 5: Pumping Dylan

Alex Chu is working out in his private gym when Dylan Art Nguyen shoots him a text. Dylan needs a training session and Alex is more than happy to help. Dylan comes over and sits down on the bench as Alex helps him out with his pec exercises. Alex wants to make sure that Dylan is doing everything properly and has the toned twink remove his shirt.

Alex likes what he sees and after a bit more training, Dylan can see that Alex has a nice big boner going in his shorts. Dylan doesn't wait for an invitation to pull Alex's shorts down and pops the stud's dick in his mouth. It tastes great after a long workout and Dylan keeps up the pace for Alex to stay nice and hard.

Alex wants in on the cock tasting and goes down on Dylan, getting him extra stiff before Alex bends him over to eat his ass. When Dylan is nice and opened up, Alex slides his dick into Dylan's soft hole and pumps away as Dylan moans out with each thrust from the muscle stud.

Alex keeps a steady pace, plunging in and out of Dylan's ass, stretching it out as he goes balls deep. Dylan wants to ride Alex's throbbing cock and hops on for the ride of his life as he bounces up and down, keeping Alex very happy.

After getting serviced by the twink, it's time for Alex to finish the job. He throws Dylan onto his back and sticks his cock inside one last time. He pumps away, picking up the pace as he gets closer to blowing his load. Finally, Alex declares that's he's going to cum. With the used condom still in his hand, Alex jacks his cock a few last time, and with perfect aim, slathers Dylan's crotch and stomach with a massive load of jizz.

When Dylan sees Alex erupting, he gives himself permission to follow along and before you know it, Dylan's cock is flowing like a river, mixing his own jizz with everything Alex left on his body. One thing is for sure: Whenever Dylan needs another good workout, he won't text anyone but Alex ever again!
Release Date2018-06-22