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Courtesy of our friends at PeterFeverEast from! It's a day of hard training when Ryuji strips naked for a biceps set with lean handsome buddy Hiroya spotting from behind. Ryuji stands up with his rockhard woody pointing out, and Hiroya can't make it through his reps without leaning forward for a taste. His mind's no longer on his workout with that big Asian cock bobbing just inches from his face. He sets his barbell down and gets to work sucking Ryuji.

These hard-muscled studs are determined to pump their muscles before they pump their cocks into each other, so Hiroya attempts some triceps pullovers. Ryuji doesn't make it easy, pulling off Hiroya's pants and giving him a juicy blowjob. He sucks his buddy's perky nips, twiddles them while his mouth gets another taste of hot Tokyo tool. He bends back Hiroya's powerful thighs and slips his tongue into his horny pucker. He probes in with a lubed up finger then plows in, Hiroya's legs wrapped around his shoulders. Hiroya grabs the workout bench for dear life, his butt getting slammed by Ryuji's relentless dick. He stands and braces against a cable pushdown as Ryuji grabs his hips and pumps in deeper. He gasps and backs his hole into Ryuji. Hiroya can't take any more and jerks his load into Ryuji's mouth, then kneels to get his face sprayed with his Asian muscle top's creamy wad.
Release Date2020-07-07