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Whip It Real Good

Trevor Northman greets boyfriend Orson Deane fresh from his morning shower. He asks if Trevor has to rush off to work, it's Orson's birthday and Trevor planned something delicious and special. Orson is easily persuaded not to head to work, and Trevor reveals his delicious surprise.

Since sexy Brit Orson has been such a great boyfriend, Trevor has a food fetish playtime in store. They pass cherries from mouth to mouth, then Trevor kneels to suck Orson's cock. He sucks deep to the fuzzy root of his hunky bf's big dick. And what could be tastier than fresh morning dick? How about a dick topped off with a dollop of whipped cream? Licking and sucking the yummy treat, Trevor is soon wearing a fluffy white mustache. Orson gets into the spirit of things and eats whipped cream off Trevor's nipples. He rims a splatter of cream off Trevor's ass, then uses the smooth white froth as a lube to fuck him.

Trevor eats a juicy pineapple ring off Orson's palm, wears a couple more on his chest and abs. Trevor turns over to hands and knees and gets a stripe of whipped cream down his back and a banana rubbed into his horny hole. Orson makes Trevor into a luscious fruit salad covered in pineapple, cherries and whipped cream. A thick splatter of Orson's man-mad cream sprays out of his cock and onto Trevor's back. Trevor whips up a batch of his own and spurts the most scrumptious load of all right into Orson's hungry mouth.
Release Date2019-03-01