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我只想吃一个人! 专为 我只想吃直男 "创建的新标签! [Monitarin G] CASE:19

I just want to eat a man! A new label created just for "I just want to eat a man!" [Monitarin G] CASE:19


这一次,Kazu是由一位模特介绍给我们的。 他是足球俱乐部的成员,有一个非常性感的身体。 他有一张干脆利落的英俊面孔,而他的面具则是一种浪费。 他有一张非常英俊的脸,他的面具是一种浪费。

This time, Kazu was introduced to me by a certain model. The soccer club is a treasure trove of erotic bodies. His face is crisp and handsome, and it's a shame he's wearing a mask. He didn't seem to know the details, so we started with a body check.


她黝黑的身体经过足球训练,拥有美味的肌肉。 她的腹部肌肉很紧,腹部肌肉切口很深。 她的下半身也很有情趣,有结实的屁股和大腿。

Her tanned body has been trained through soccer, and she has a muscular and delicious looking erotic body. She has tight abdominal muscles and deep cut abdominal muscles. The bottom half of her body is also too erotic, with her firm buttocks and thighs.


她尝试了各种可用的自慰器,甚至得到了口交的机会。 第一次被男人吸吮,她似乎并不介意,但她感觉很好。

We asked her to try out the various masturbators that we had prepared for her, and she even gave us a blowjob in the confusion. Surprisingly, she didn't mind her first blowjob, but it seemed to feel good.

ガマン汁なんかも溢れちゃって 笑 パンパンに張った亀頭が感じるようで舌でクリクリするとカラダをよじりながら悶えるカズ君。最後はお気に入りのオナホでイッてもらうはずが男のフェラの気持ち良さに我慢出来ずフェラ手コキで「これヤバっ笑、イッちゃいそう...」とせつない声をあげながらカラダをヒクつかせ大量射精!!

我不知道该说什么,但我会告诉你我的想法。 他本来应该用他最喜欢的自慰器来,但他无法忍受男人为他口交的感觉,所以他给他做了手淫。 但他无法抗拒一个男人为他口交的感觉。

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. I was supposed to have him come with his favorite masturbator, but he couldn't resist the feeling of a man sucking his cock, so I gave him a hand job. But she can't resist the feeling of his blowjob and gives him a blowjob.


浓稠的精液一遍又一遍地飞溅着! 太色情了。 这感觉太好。 他处于无意识的状态。

Thick sperm splattering over and over! Too erotic. It's too hot, it feels too good. Kazu, who is in a state of mindlessness, is given an even thicker blowjob on the glans.


太敏感了。 当然,我们必须闻到并尝到精子的味道。 它闻起来有浓浓的青春气息,吃起来有鱼腥味和甜味。

I'm too sensitive. Of course, I had to check the smell and taste of sperm. As you would expect from an athletic club, it has a thick, sweltering, adolescent smell and a fishy yet slightly sweet taste that is so viscous it sticks to the inside of your mouth.


拍完照后,Kazu微笑着离开说:"口交真的很好。 他离开时脸上带着微笑,性格很好。 让我们看看他在未来能做什么。

After the photo shoot, Kazu smiled and said, "The blowjob was really good. He left with a smile on his face and a good personality. Let's have him try many things in the future.



本片中没有对主要模特的面部进行马赛克处理。 本片中的主要模特也戴着面具。

There is no mosaic on the main model's face in this film. The main model is also wearing a mask in this movie.

Release Date2021-12-18
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