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FEED ME YOUR LOVE Behind the Scenes

Even on a shoot for a rather dark, emotional story like FEED ME YOUR LOVE there are little fuckups, adlibs and crackups that keep us smiling, and plenty of great shots we didn't have time to fit in to our weekly update footage. Here's your chance to get a second heaping helping of FEED ME YOUR LOVE and see the fun and frolic the cast shared when the cameras were or weren't rolling.

Among the many highlights: Joseph Banks and David Ace telling us what it was like shooting in the famous Entourage Spa in Vegas when they had never set foot in a bathhouse in real life. Megahung XXXL Max Konnor is alone with his wagging dick before the scene starts. Ray Dexter's shares real and mock complaints about how hard it is to find condoms that don't pinch his oversized cock.

Ray and Dexter slap their cocks against each other in an impromptu "sword fight" as they glance at their phones for extra hardening. Joseph almost slips off as he's acrobatically suspended between two counters in a kitchen threeway with Ray and Max. David has a freakout with a butterknife in the scene when he's planning to take out his revenge on Ray Dexter.

First timer Ray gets a chance to talk about his experience rooming in a hotel with Max. David cries out in awe the first penetration in the shower as he sits on Ray's cock. And see the unglamorous secret of porn as we scurry in to wipe the onset grime off the soles of models' feet before the still cameras flash.

Those are just a few of the highlights and laughs of our time behind the scenes at one of our most intimate four-man shoots where the models and crew had a week to bond and share their special moments. Watch, reminisce with us and enjoy!
Release Date2019-05-24