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【モニタリンG!!】CASE:15デカマラ!! イケメン美形男子がモニタールームにご来店!!


我只想吃一个人! 专为 我只想吃直男 "创建的新标签! [Monitarin G] CASE:15

I just want to eat a man! A new label created just for "I just want to eat a man!" [Monitarin G] CASE:15

今回は買い物中の高身長イケメン、ミナト君にアタック!! 怪しまれながらも買い物カゴパンパンの商品を「全~部おごっちゃいま~す!!」と話すと「マジっすか?!」と笑顔^^

这一次,我袭击了正在购物的高大英俊的男人Minato! 虽然他对我心存疑虑,但我告诉他,我会为他买下购物篮里的所有物品

This time, I attacked Minato, a tall, handsome man who was shopping! Even though he was suspicious of me, I told him that I would buy him all the items in his shopping basket, and he smiled and said, "Are you serious? He smiles.

畳み込みように店を出てモニタールームに!笑 モニタールームまで来ちゃえばこっちのもの^^ テーブルで並ぶ珍しいオナホを見て「...。」今日もレビューして頂くのはもちろん新作オナホ♪

我离开商店,去了监控室。 我相信你会对我们今天为你准备的新自慰器留下深刻的印象!我相信你会对我们的新自慰器印象

I walked out of the store and went to the monitor room. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.


他身材高大,180cm 71kg 24岁,躯干大,胸肌大,下半身大,看起来很有味道!他是一个很好的例子。

He was a basketball player when he was in school, and his huge body of 180cm, 71kg, 24 years old, with his core, pecs, and a plump lower body, looked so delicious!

今度はパンツを脱がすと...、、デカい!! 勃起してなくてもデロんと揺れるエロマラ。。触ってもないのに女の子型オナホを見てるだけでムクムク膨張してくるとそのデカさ、太さに思わず釘付け...。

现在我脱下裤子......它是巨大的! 即使你没有勃起,你仍然可以感觉到你的阴茎在摇摆。


Now I take off my pants and... it's huge! Even if you don't have an erection, your penis will sway and sway.

You'll be amazed at how big and thick it is when it starts to swell just by looking at the girl-shaped masturbator, even though you haven't touched it...

そんなデカマラを色々なオナホに突き立ててカリパンパン!!笑 途中変態スタッフの生口オナホもまんざらでもなさそう笑

她有一个大鸡巴,她有很多手淫的习惯。 而那个变态的工作人员的嘴巴自慰者也不高兴了!

He's got such a big dick that he's thrusting it into all sorts of masturbators. It looks like the perverted staff member's mouth masturbator is not too happy about it.

最後は1番気になっていた女の子オナホで腰をパンパン、オナホ相手にマジの腰振りがエロっ!! 高速ピストンでついには大量発射!!︎ 濃く濃厚に匂い立つ精子がドロっドロでエロい!!


In the end, the girl I was most interested in panted her hips with a masturbator, and the way she shook her hips against the masturbator was really erotic! This is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.

当然濃厚精子塗れのエロマラを美味しく堪能♪ 次回はミナト君の本物の女の子とのセックス見てみたいなぁ!

自然,他非常享受他那粗大的、布满精液的鸡巴。 下一次,我想看到米纳与一个真正的女孩做爱!

Naturally, he enjoyed his thick, sperm-covered, erotic cock! Next time I'd like to see Minato have sex with a real girl!



The main model also wears a mask in the film.

BOYS.BANK ツイッター@BoysBank_video
Release Date2021-10-30
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