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我只想吃一个人! 专为 我只想吃直男 "创建的新标签! [Monitarin G] CASE:16

I just want to eat a man! A new label created just for "I just want to eat a man!" [Monitarin G] CASE:16


这次我们要攻击的是一个高大的大学生,他的风格很好!他是一个很好的朋友。 他是一个高大的大学生,他要在大街上攻击你!他是一个高大的大学生。 这一次,他是一个高大的大学生,有很好的风格! 但是,当要带他去监控室的时候......但当我们带他到监控室时...但我们都爱钱。

This time, we're going to attack a tall college student with a great sense of style! We attacked a tall university student on the street! He was suspicious of me, but he was surprisingly friendly and listened to me! But when it comes time to show him to the monitor room...But when I show him to the monitor room...But we all love money.


看到监控室的桌子上一字排开的不寻常的自慰器... 是的! 我们今天有一个新的自慰器供你评测! 它的试探性很可爱,尽管它看起来像是在玩一个从球衣模拟中掏出来的阴茎!

Seeing the rare masturbators lined up on the table in the monitor room... Yes! We have a new masturbator for you to review today! It's cute how tentative she is, even though she looks like she's playing with the penis out of her jersey moccasins!


我听说他在一个晚上和她发生了八次关系! 这就是我所说的魅力! 他有一张可爱的笑脸,但他也很好色!他是一个非常好色的人。

I heard that he had sex with her eight times in one night! That's the charlatan! He's got a cute, smiling face, but he's also immensely sexy!


好吧,这就是变态的工作人员的作用! 他们尝试了各种自慰器,并最终得到了男人的第一次口交!这是很重要的。

Well, from there on, it's the perverted staff's erotic pace! She tries out all kinds of masturbators, and finally, she gets her first blowjob from a man!


然而,这一次,他被一个变态的工作人员吸走了。 但这一次,这个变态的工作人员用力吸吮他的鸡巴,以至于他无法忍耐,把他的精液射到了空中!这时,他才发现,原来他的鸡巴已经被人吸走。

Most of the boys usually come with a girl masturbator, but this time the perverted staff member gave him a thick blowjob and he couldn't believe it. But this time, the perverted staff sucked his cock so hard that he couldn't hold back and shot a huge load of thick sperm into the air!


被这个江湖骗子的绿色精液的气味所刺激的变态工作人员,当然也很享受这根涂满精液的粗大的色情鸡巴!他们在这根粗大的鸡巴上涂满了精液。 他是一个调皮的、爱玩的男孩。 我们相信他将来会带着更多的新产品回来!

The perverted staff, excited by the smell of the charlatan's green sperm, of course enjoyed the thick sperm-coated erotic cock! He's a flirtatious and playful young man. We'll be getting all kinds of new products from him, so we'll be asking him again!



There is no face mosaic on the main model of the film.
Release Date2021-11-19
VideoSample Video