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GayVengers Episode 2: Reckoning

Brash Thor (Sir Jet) has entered the spaceship of the evil mastermind Phallos (Damian X. Dragon), intending to vanquish the diabolical alien. But one zap from Phallos jewelled glove and Thor's resistance is utterly useless, he willingly obeys Phallo' sexual commands. Thor sucks down Phallos' mighty alien cock, then bends over as Phallos tastes the mighty God of Thunder's muscle ass. Phallos roughly prods Thor's tender hole with a rough finger, then licks to prepare it for a smooth anal invasion. Superhero cape tossed over his shoulder to the side, Thor's ass is defenseless. Phallos drops trou and prods the Nordic superhero with a hard, steady rhythm.Thor's strong young cock bobs up and down with each powerful thrust .

Thor moans in rapt ecstasy at the surging power that fills his nether regions, grinding his hole against the fuzzy root of Phallos big prick. His statuesque body ripples as he pushes back to meet the force of each deep thrust. Phallos pushes the gorgeous blond god back onto his back and plows in harder, kissing him deeply to further seal his total domination. Thor musters enough consciousness to tweak Phallos' sensitive nipples and hasten his thundering climax. With a roaring "I'm gonna cum where I want to" he sprays his obedient slave's tight abs with a sheen of creamy sperm, and Thor joins with a matching volley of orgasmic spurts. Spent, Thor loses consciousness as Phallos' slave boy announces they have just arrived at Earth.
Release Date2018-10-26