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The Reunion Episode 8: Monster Cock Class

I never really knew my old roommate Armond Rizzo was into me; I always thought he was hot, but I never made a move, until now. It's very sensual, hanging out with him and talking old times; since our rooms were next door to one another, I know exactly where to put my mouth and hands. A verbal boy, Armond is definitely good with his mouth; once I suck my fill, he takes a taste. Enjoying his oral ways, I can't wait to fuck this boy. Putting Armond on his side, I gauge his hole, it's gonna need to widen. Pumping my cock in and out, I have to take a break; I never knew he was so fucking tight.

Repositioning, I get a great look at his ripped body while I thrust, before I roll him on top of me. One of my favorite positions, I hold his legs wide and rock from beneath; Armond seems to like it too. With a, "come here," we go missionary; his eyes pan up and down my body while I go deep. Edging him, I actually bust first, damn, his sweet hole. Following my lead, Armond pops one off as well, just like new old times. The hung top hottie in this video is Rave Hardick.
Release Date2017-07-07