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The Jockstrap Ep. 6: Protein

After an amazing workout in his jockstrap, cute Asian stud David Ace needs his protein. Muscular Latin stud Leo grabs his cock and says "how about a shake?" The pair start kissing and soon David's on his knees "ready to taste his protein." When he pulls out Leo's meaty cock, he licks the pre-cum right off his head. "This tastes so good" he says.

Fucking his mouth, David takes his cock deep down his throat. Offering up his ass, Leo eats his ass and sticks that big dick right in. "Fuck that hurts so good" he screams. "You got it babe," Leo says as he pounds open David's smooth Asian boyhole. Taking it in every position David is in ecstacy right until he blows a massive load all over himself. Leo pounds out his own load and blows it all over David's ass before pounding it back inside. With a final sniff of the sweaty jockstrap, we end with a hot sensual kiss.
Release Date2019-11-08