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我只想吃一个人! 专为 我只想吃直男 "创建的新标签! [Monitarin G] CASE:21

I just want to eat a man! A new label created just for "I just want to eat a man!" [Monitarin G] CASE21

今回はスタイルが良くキリっと一重で街中でも目立っていた高身長大学生・ケンヤ君に街中アタック!!はじめは不機嫌に断られるが謝礼の話しをしたら即OK笑 皆んなお金大好きです^^

这一次,我们袭击了一个高大的大学生,肯尼亚,他在街上很显眼,因为他有良好的风格和单一的脸。 起初,他拒绝了,但当我告诉他奖励的事时,他立即答应了。 每个人都喜欢钱。

This time, I attacked Kenya, a tall college student who stood out on the street for his good looks and single layer of hair. At first he grumpily refused, but when I told him about the reward, he immediately agreed. Everyone loves money.


在监控室,我们看到一些不寻常的自慰器在桌子上一字排开...。 今天我们有一个新的自慰器要评论。 这一次,又是变态的工作人员的色情步伐,但颇具支配力的肯尼亚似乎并不想念。

Seeing unusual masturbators lined up on a table in a monitor room..." Today we have another new masturbator to review. This time, it's the perverted staff's erotic pace again, but Kenya, who's a pretty dominant character, doesn't seem to miss it.

初めてのオナホに戸惑いながらもギンギンの萎えないエロチンを色んなオナホに出し入れ♪どさくさに紛れ口生オナホをしようかと頑張るもなかなか隙を見せてくれない 笑。

她对自己的第一个自慰器有点迷惑,但她的鸡巴还是很大,在各种自慰器中抽插。 她尽力用嘴为他手淫,但他不让她这样做。

She's confused by her first masturbator, but she's still pumping her ginormous cock in and out of all kinds of masturbators. She tries her best to masturbate him with her mouth, but he won't let her go.



Kenya, who says he likes to be mounted, brought his masturbator to the sofa and thrust from below, which seemed to feel good.


最后,她忍不住用她最喜欢的自慰器将她浓稠的精液射向空中!这时,她才发现,原来自己的精液是如此之多。 房间里充满了直系大学生的绿色精子的味道!

In the end, she couldn't resist using her favorite masturbator and shot a huge load of thick sperm while screaming! The room is filled with the smell of straight college students' green sperm!


他是一个非常好的年轻人,即使在变态的工作人员要求他做各种事情时,他也是面带微笑,尽心尽力。 我们正计划再次要求他提供各种新产品的交付。

He was a very nice young man who did his best to meet the various requests of the perverted staff with a smile on his face. I'm planning to ask him again for various new products to be delivered in the future.



The main model in the film does not have eyes.
Release Date2022-01-15
VideoSample Video