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Justin Gives the Old College Try

Sporty boy-next-door Justin Dean looks like a perfect college boy with a dirty mind. He's on the aggressive side once he slides into bed with Asian muscleboy Axel Kane, happily yanking down Axel's jeans to get at all that tasty meat inside. He slurps Axel's tool like an old pro, then peels down the tough top's undies. Naked and spread across the mattress, Axel's right where Justin wants him. He lies back and lets Justin do his oral magic. Justin's beard scruff tickles Axel's nuts and his shaggy hair flops down over one eye while he happily nurses on Kane's joystick. When Axel reaches for his dick and begins stroking, Justin rolls him over and starts a sensuous massage with one eye on Kane's round muscle booty. Is Axel gonna give up his virginity at last? His ecstatic expression when Justin buries his face in his crack could mean just about anything's on the menu tonight.

But when Axel stands and dangles his dong in Justin's face, his ass might get off scott free this time. His finger finds its way to Justin's hairy hole and slides right in. Justin's happy to get flipped over ass up on the edge of the bed, and our Asian superhero plows his bare cock in balls deep. Justin pushes back to meet each hard thrust, and the two studs lock lips while they fuck. Justin reaches an arm around the back of Axel's neck and pulls him closer. He wants to feel every inch of what Axel has to give. Lifting his legs high and wide, he starts jerking his cock while Axel pounds away. He wraps his heels around Axel's butt and sprays a mighty splash across his tight waist. Axel bends him back with ass in the air and plows in for the last sprint to the finish line. He pulls his raw cock out just in time to squirt another sticky puddle onto his drenched and satisfied buddy.
Release Date2021-01-12