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BTS at Ken Ott's First Photo Session

Over the last two years, smoldering Asian sex god Ken Ott has become one of PeterFever's most requested models. Here we get to see him at the beginning of his modeling career, still sexy but learning the ropes. A music track sets the mood, and the expert coaching of the director is still part of the scene.

Ken starts out learning how to position himself, his lean, rippling body and his thick dick to its best advantage for the camera. In outfits ranging from a shiny spandex singlet to a Playboy-style collar, tie and cuffs, Ken begins to relax and live the role of the perfect pinup. He sprawls seductively across the bed in a sexy morning scenario, with a few pelvic pumps thrown in for good measure.

The next few setups center on the symmetry and beauty of Ken's perfect round ass, with his hole peeking out through a thatch of untrimmed butt hair. His hand moves in to caress his cheeks and down to draw hypnotic little circles around the pucker. Now he's ready to stroke for the watchful camera. As he pumps and fucks his cock into a clear fleshlight, his breathing becomes halted and shallow. He's really getting ready to blow his load, and we're more than ready to enjoy watching it. His dark chestnut-colored eyes stare straight into and through the camera and his smooth lubed cock shoots a geyser of thick juice across his tensing abs. We get to see the birth of a hot new video star...
Release Date2018-08-17