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Masters Of the Iron Cock Ep 2: Trust No One

Gunryu has been entrusted by the old master to set up the tournament to choose the dojo's new master of the Iron Cock. Wei and Bobby are lovers who ponder the situation and try to outmaneuver each other to get the inside lane in the tournament. As they circle the mat and eye each other warily, neither's willing to admit he wants to compete. They strip down to their bare essentials and battle naked. After a dickraising erotic clash leaves Bobby knocked out, Wei comforts and kisses him back to reality. Their sweaty nude bodies tangle and grind together.

Bobby's legs spread open as Wei rubs his dick into the smooth tight ass crack. Bobby slurps down his buddy's stiff cock and grinds his ass into it. Wei buries his face into macho stud Bobby's butt, licks and lubes it with his spit. When he enter's Bobby's hot hole, Bobby starts moaning wildly and stroking his dick. Wei moves the action to its climax with a probing finger into Bobby's well-fucked ass. The tough stud squirts out a massive puddle of cum onto his tight abs. Wei crouches just above his ballsack and sprays his own sticky load

GunRyu performs a stylized series of martial arts stances as he ponders the challenge before him. His glistening muscles shine with sweat as he moves on to a tough workout to prepare for the tournament. He strips naked and showers his perfect body.
Release Date2020-08-11