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We Dare You - Part 1

I'm a pretty shy guy. I never imagined starting out as a pizza boy would land me a job in porn. Now my ex-boss surprised me by expressing his love for me, can my life get any crazier? I think I spoke too soon! It was bound to happen when you're in a room full of horny guys. We start a game of "We Dare You!" and Jessie Colter dared me and Jessie Lee to fuck on the table in front of everyone. I've never had sex in front of people before. I was shy, but after seeing Jessie Colter eyeing my body up and down, Trey caressing my chest, and Jessie sucking my dick, I felt an inner sex god come out. Fuck! I'm up for the challenge! I got so turned on having all eyes on me; the guys are going to see a side of me they've never seen before. Watch me put on a show and let them see how to have a really take control in this first installment of "We Dare You - Part 1" featuring me, Jessie Lee, and the rest of the Asiancy guys.
Release Date2013-09-27