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Sauna Nights 1 -- First Date

In Sauna Nights, some of PeterFever's most popular models relate and act out their hottest bathhouse experiences, and we're the lucky ones who get to watch. In the dick-tickling first episode, Asian muscleboy Jessie Lee looks back at the time he met perfect blond twink Zak Bishop at the bar and took their first date straight to the play areas of the local bathhouse. Jessie leads Zak to a quiet secluded spot, though another horny patron bugs them with a pair of roving hands.

Speaking of roving hands, Jessie reaches under Zak's towel and pulls out a meaty 8-inch tool to worship. Once it's wet and slippery, handsome tatted Zak returns the favor and slobbers on Jessie's thick knobber. He climbs on a banquette and pokes up his ass. Jessie gets the message and sticks his tongue in deep while Zak beats his big'un. The Asian bareback stud pumps his raw cock hard into Zak's hungry hole. He lies on the banquette while Zak bounces on the thick pole. Zak can't hold back and splatters a juicy reward across the floor for the next perv to lick up. Jessie squirts his sperm on his nuts and Zak's, then plows back in for a juicy reprise.
Release Date2021-06-15