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Burning Love

I was just hanging outside by the camp fire and Trey came out carrying a huge ass bag. I thought he was hiding a sleeping bag in there but turns out he's got these things called S'mores. He started talking about how he used to go camping a lot as a kid and started pulling out marshmallows to roast on the campfire. I took a bite out of a s'more and it tasted so good. It was getting a bit chilly though, so we headed inside to heat things up. I kissed him passionately admiring every inch of his muscles as he teased my nipples. He rubbed my cock and got me hard thinking about getting fucked by his thick dick. I tasted his cock and took it deep in my throat. Next he started eating out my ass and then started fucking the hell out of my tight ass. Trey is so fucking hot, I couldn't stop wanting s'more. Check out our intense passion in this week's episode "Burning Love" of the Asiancy Season 4.
Release Date2013-05-21